7 WordPress Plugins to wish your readers Merry Christmas

Some really cool WordPress plugins in 2018 to decorate your blogs and welcome your readers with Christmas wishing and festive effects.

Holidays are here, and most of you must be planning to wish your WordPress site readers Merry Christmas the best way.

You may already be using a stylish Christmas theme to decorate the site and wish readers. But mostly, people want to add a bit of holiday flair to create a festive temperament without changing the current theme.

You may go for some theme customizations; but if you ask me, I would advice you to use a plugin for that. So, what are some best WordPress Christmas plugins? Here’s the list of the free ones available at WordPress plugin repository:

  1. Snow Storm

    This plugin adds beautiful falling snow effect on your WordPress blog which is perfect on the occasion of Christmas. It makes use of JavaScript to add a snowfall-like effect with falling snowflakes at random speeds.

    Snow Storm WordPress Plugin

    You can configure the snow storm effect by going to Settings > Snow Storm, and can modify color, amount, animation for snow, as well as mobile support, mouse cursor effects, stickiness and few more.


  2. Snow 3d

    Snow 3d is a premium WordPress plugin that gives you above 200+ options to customize the snowflakes with slick and smoth fade effect on page scroll. Some other notable features of this plugin are the session cookie control, advanced 3d effects, mobile-ready, cross-browser compatibility, live camera, and some more.

    Snow 3d WordPress Plugin

    Demo & Download

  3. Xmas Lights

    Xmas Lights is a simple plugin which puts a string of blinking Christmas lights on the topmost area of your blog. It provides no settings and options, it will start working as soon as you install and activate it.

    wordpress plugins for christmas


  4. Christmas Countdown Widget

    This one allows you to display a cute Santa Claus countdown waiting for Christmas in your sidebar (or any area that supports widgets). When the Christmas day approaches, it greets by showing Merry Christmas messages to the visitors.


  5. Christmasify!

    Add Christmas decorations including snow, santa claus, message greetings, as well as music to your WordPress website, all very easily with Christmasify.

    The plugin makes use of CSS3 animation most of the times, and that is why it is lightweight. You may call it an all-in-one plugin for Christmas effects.

    Christmasify WordPress Plugin


  6. AA-Snow

    With AA-Snow, you can add a custom background to your Christmas effects as well as custom audios (with controls) to welcome your visitors, one song comes bundled with the plugin already. And of course, like every christmas plugin of this type, you can customize snowflakes’ layout and animation.

    AA-Snow WordPress Plugin


  7. Christmas ball on branch

    Nothing advanced, just add a hanging Christmas ball to your website. Looks kinda cute on person WordPress blogs.


So, have you installed any of these plugins on you WordPress? Which one you liked the most? Let us know through comments and social media. Also suggest more Christmas plugins that you think should be listed here.

Tip: Don’t use more than two such plugins together, it may increase the load time of you blog.