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Quora is a website where people ask questions, answer each other's questions, and explore a broad range of daily life topics. The goal is to help find remote answers that are sometimes difficult to find in your narrow network. Quora is both a social media platform as well as an source of information. The site is aimed at individual users who want a better understanding of topics of current affairs, culture, economics, and technology.
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The load time of a website is one of the most important factors that should be considered for better SEO and User experience optimization. It’s the total time a website takes to load into the browser. Lesser the loading time, better will your site be scoring on searches and UX. Speed matters! With WordPress, it’s quite easy to mess up with the load time of your site. Within the activation of 2 new plugins and 1 new theme, there are 70% chances that the load time of your WordPress site may in...
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Since version 4.2 release, WordPress now allows you to add the cool new Emojicons to your posts. In case you don’t know what emojicons are: they are the successor of Emoticons or smilies with more better graphics, and web platforms are quickly adopting them. It was very easy to opt-out from using emoticons from the WordPress Writing Settings. As emojicons are succeeding emoticons, you can turn them off but this way you just can’t get rid of them completely: Emojicons can be turned off but t...