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Cyber security is not an entry-level field, which means that there are a few fundamental skills and knowledge you must be familiar with before diving into it. It would help if you had some mastery of technical and non-technical skills to excel in this field. To be a cyber security expert, truth be told, you must be a jack of all trades. It would be best to have a good grasp of networking, system administration, command-line coding, forensics, reverse engineering, cyber operations, audit and compliance and digital security. This article will explain the cyber security books you will need to become a competent cyber security expert.
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WordPress allows its users to upload and use a variety of files with different formats. But while uploading files with format other than image files, it reflects this annoying error warning most of the times: Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons. Below is the screen capture of the error produced in the real time when I tried uploading a *.swf file to my WordPress media library: This is how the error occurs (in red) when uploading the file [Click image to see the bigger ve...