7 minutes read
Over the years, we’ve designed and built over a hundred blogs, and have spoken to hundreds of people about their online needs. One thing we’ve seen time and again is that people want a truly simple way to do e-commerce on WordPress. There are a handful of plugins out there that purport to turn WordPress into a full bore e-commerce application. We’ve tried ‘em all and have come away unsatisfied. WordPress does many things very well. E-commerce is not one of them.
2 minutes read
WordPress plugins are version-based. You receive updates in your admin dashboard as soon as a new version update for a plugin is available. For some plugins you might feel like the previous version was better than the current one. And then you may want to rollback the version changes for that specific plugin. Same thing has happened to me when I updated one of the regularly used plugins on my sites. Its not that I got dissatisfied with the plugin. It was just a feature that bothered me for a whi...