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PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a programming language primarily used for creating dynamic web pages. It is typically used on the server-side (server-side scripting) to create web pages that are generated in response to a user's request. PHP is widely used because it is easy to learn and use, and it is supported by a large community of developers. MySQL is a popular database management system (DBMS) used for storing and retrieving data. It is used to store and manage data for websites, applications, and more. MySQL is a popular choice because it is easy to use, affordable, and has a large support community.
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Imagine someone somehow manages to break into your WordPress dashboard, and changes it’s password and email. If you request a “Forget Password”, the reset password link will be mailed to the new email, not to your email. The result will be – you losing control over your WordPress-powered site. I think that’s enough to picturize that traumatic situation. How would you cope up with such a problem? The first recommended step for a beginner-level user to restore WordPress is to contact the...