How to Logout Woocommerce User From Api?

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To logout a user from the WooCommerce API, you can send a POST request to the following endpoint:


This endpoint will invalidate the user's current session and log them out. You can include the user's authentication token in the request headers to ensure that the correct user is logged out.

After sending the POST request to the logout endpoint, the user will be logged out of their current session and will need to log in again to access their account.

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What is the recommended way to handle user logout confirmation in WooCommerce API?

In WooCommerce API, the recommended way to handle user logout confirmation is to utilize the built-in functionality of WooCommerce and WordPress.

  1. Use the "wc_logout_url" function: This function generates a logout URL for the user. You can use this URL in a button or link for the user to click on to confirm their logout.
  2. Display a confirmation message: Before redirecting the user to the logout URL, you can display a confirmation message asking them if they are sure they want to logout. This can help prevent accidental logouts.
  3. Use AJAX: If you want to provide a smoother user experience, you can use AJAX to handle the logout confirmation without refreshing the page. This can be implemented by sending a confirmation request to the server using JavaScript and then logging the user out if they confirm.
  4. Customize the logout process: If you have specific requirements for the logout confirmation process, you can customize the logout functionality in WooCommerce by creating custom hooks or functions. This allows you to tailor the logout process to suit your needs.

By following these recommended methods, you can provide a seamless and user-friendly logout confirmation process for your WooCommerce API users.

What is the process for logging out a WooCommerce user via API?

To log out a user via the WooCommerce API, you can use the following process:

  1. Generate and include an access token in the API request headers. You can obtain the access token by using the OAuth 1.0a authentication method.
  2. Use the HTTP POST method to send a request to the WooCommerce API endpoint for logging out a user. The endpoint for logging out a user is typically /wc-auth/v1/revoke.
  3. In the request body, include the user's access token that you want to revoke. This will invalidate the access token and log out the user.
  4. Send the API request to the WooCommerce server.
  5. The WooCommerce server will process the request and revoke the access token, effectively logging out the user.

By following these steps, you can log out a user via the WooCommerce API.

How to securely logout a user from WooCommerce using API?

To securely logout a user from WooCommerce using API, you can follow these steps:

  1. Authenticate the user: Before logging out the user, make sure that the user is authenticated and authorized to log out from the WooCommerce store. You can use authentication methods like OAuth 1.0 or API keys to verify the user's identity.
  2. Use the correct API endpoint: WooCommerce provides a dedicated API endpoint for logging out a user. The endpoint URL is typically, where is your store's domain.
  3. Make a POST request to the API endpoint: Send a POST request to the logout endpoint using your preferred HTTP client. Include any necessary authentication credentials and parameters in the request headers and body.
  4. Handle the response: The logout endpoint should return a response indicating the success or failure of the logout operation. Make sure to handle the response appropriately in your application to inform the user of the result.

By following these steps, you can securely logout a user from WooCommerce using the API.

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