How to: Disable WordPress comments

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There are times when you need to disable comments on your WordPress site. There are two cases contextual to disabling WordPress comments:

  1. Disabling comments for individual posts and pages
  2. Disabling comments completely

Disabling comments for individual WordPress posts and pages

By default, WordPress doesn’t show options to disable comments on individual posts and pages. You need to follow these steps to see those options:

  1. Edit the post (or page) and click the Screen Options button at the top-right in your WordPress admin
    WordPress Screen Options
  2. Check the Discussion field in the drop-down so obtained
    Discussion field in Screen Options
  3. Now scroll down and look for the discussion meta-box
    Disable comments on individual posts

Using this meta-box, you may easily disable comments and pingbacks on individual entries.

Completely disabling WordPress comments

You may want to completely disable comments on your WordPress site if it is one step ahead of a typical blog, i.e. represents a brand or portfolio.

The following steps will guide you to completely disable comments on your WordPress site. Note that this will disable comments globally for all posts, pages, and post-types. You may turn them on again if you need to.

  1. Head over to the Settings » Discussion section in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. For Default article settings, uncheck the option that says “Allow people to post comments on new articles“. You may also uncheck the other two options if you don’t want to send or receive pingbacks.
    Turning-off WordPress comments completely
  3. Save the changes.

That’s it! Check out your site now, it won’t show any comment forms anywhere. In case if you change your mind and want the comments enabled, just revert the steps.

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