Best WordPress Plugins to generate XML sitemap

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An XML Sitemap provides you the way to let search engines crawl and index the new URLs on your website.

With static websites, you need to generate and change the sitemap again-and-again manually to include new URLs within it. But if you use WordPress, you don’t need to do that stuff manually, as you have some awesome plugins to do that automatically for you.

Why do I need XML sitemaps on my WordPress site?

Generally, search engine services like Google & Bing Webmaster Tools make use of XML sitemaps to keep track of new URLs on your website for indexing purposes.

You may submit your site’s sitemap to these services for free to make it crawled and indexed regularly by search bots. Here is a list of some best WordPress plugins that will help you build an XML sitemap for your blog site to submit to such services.

Google XML Sitemaps by Arnee Brachhold

Top in the list, this plugin provides you with easiest options to build the XML sitemap dynamically. Once you installed the plugin, you’re just required to build the sitemap for the first time – the plugin will keep maintaining the sitemap itself. Rated 5 on 5 by over 3000 users, downloaded over 10 million times.


All in One Webmaster by Arpit Shah

Another popular plugin that comes in both free and premium versions. Besides getting the sitemap, it also provides options to add meta tags for different services from Google, Bing, Alexa, Blog Catalog, Yahoo etc. Rated full points almost 50 times and download over 500 thousand times.


Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps by OddOneOut

This the only WordPress plugin that supports Sitemapindex amd Google News sitemap. Also compatible with WordPress Multisite. Download over 300 thousand times and rated 5/5 50+ times.


XML Sitemap by Denis de Bernardy, Mike Koepke

A simple-short plugin that will just create sitemap automatically. No options, just install and you’re done!


WordPress SEO by Joost de Valk

This is the most popular plugin to get crucial SEO features on your WordPress – and one of it’s features is XML Sitemaps. If you are already using this plugin, you may enable sitemap feature just by going the XML Sitemaps section. I will not recommend it if you’re just looking for a simple sitemap plugin.


Hope you found this list useful. Let me know your favorite from the list or share a handy plugin that is not listed above.

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