10 Best Featured Slider Plugins for WordPress

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A Content slider allows us to present the content in style, without using much space on our websites. Some of the best examples of the content you would love to put in a content slider are:

  • Featured posts
  • Image Gallery
  • Testimonials

There are some cool free projects that may help you to do a content slider on your website, but WordPress users, as always they do, may take advantage of cool plugins to do that.

Here is a showcase of top Responsive Content slider plugins for WordPress picked from the WordPress plugin repository and a couple more trustworthy places that you should consider using on your WordPress-powered website.

Free Plugins

  1. Nivo Image Slider

    Nivo Image Slider

    Based on Nivo Slider by Dev7Studios, this free plugin allows you to add a responsive image slider to your posts and pages. After installing the plugin, you get a custom post type called “Slider” added to your WordPress, where you may add slides with images and text and publish them. All these slides you publish will form one slider which can be embeddable in post and pages by means of shortcodes.

    The plugin doesn’t support automatically adding sticky posts to the slider, nor you can add multiple slider with it. In order to show it on the homepage or a custom location, you may need to study (or fork) the plugin a bit.

    Demo & Download

  2. Easing Slider

    Easing Slider

    This is one of the most popular slider plugins, also provide some handy features in the free version available on the repository. With free plugin, you get a custom post type feature where you may create multiple sliders, add slides in bulk, modify a bunch of features (transition, pagination, dimensions etc.) and embed them in posts and pages via shortcodes.

    Adding the sliders to the front-end (eg. home-page etc.) will require you to read the documentation of the plugin. If you wish to get more out of it, you may take a look at it’s paid extensions.

    Demo & Download

  3. Meta Slider

    Meta Slider

    Easy to use plugin to quickly create slideshows. All you need to do is select images from your media gallery, drag-drop them to arrange and order, set captions, couple of more options, and there you go!

    Meta Slider supports 4 different kinds of Sliders: Flexslider, Nivo Slider, Responsive Slides, and Coin Slider. All of these slider comes with different features, transitions, and themes. So, you have many options available for slideshow styling and transition effects.

    It also comes with a Pro version, and supports 15+ languages.

    Demo & Download

  4. Master Slider

    Master Slider

    A touch-friendly slider plugin that allows your readers to use the slideshows with touch and swipe gestures. It is responsive and works in all of the major browsers and devices.

    Creating slides is also very easy with the drag-n-drop interface. Also supports preloader animations, multiple slider skins and layouts, data import/export feature, and much more.

    Master Slider is translation ready and works well on WordPress multisite. You should also consider seeing its pro version.

    Demo & Download

  5. Slider WD

    Slide WD

    Slider WD is a simple plugin to add highly configurable slideshows to your WordPress blog. It comes with many options to configure the slider, some special ones are support for music playback, right-click protection, multiple design/layouts, slider time bar, and support to add watermarks.

    For more features, you may also consider buying a pro version of this plugin.

    Demo & Download

  6. vSlider

    vslider wordpress plugin download

    vSlider is around for about 5 years now. It is flexible enough to add your own images as slides, add captions and links to specific posts, or may also provide custom category or tags to pick the data automatically.

    You may add up to 20 custom images and links, and may also set slider width and height as per you need. You may modify the animation speed for slides, and may set transitions from 9 different effects.

    Demo & Download

Premium Plugins

  1. Slider Revolution

    Slider Revolution

    Aka Revolution Slider, its one of the most popular responsive slider plugins that comes for a price. It provides you many great features at just $18.

    RS is multilingual, mobile-ready, compatible with WordPress multisite, and provides a Visual editor to compose the slides. Besides advanced slider controls, you may also import or export your sliders if you need to.

    The plugin is also compatible with Visual Composer.

    Demo Download

  2. LayerSlider


    Trusted by over 30k users, LayerSlider enables your WordPress site to have slick featured sliders and image slideshows with least effort.

    With this plugin, you may add as many sliders as you want, powered with multiple layouts. You can also lazy-load your slider images to reduce the page load time.

    Slides can be added with cool multi-layer parallax effects for images, videos, audio, text or custom HTML.

    Demo Download

  3. Slider Pro

    Slider Pro

    Create elegant and professional-looking slideshows with Slider Pro, a WordPress plugin built while keeping UX in mind.

    It has all of those features that you think a premium plugin should have, some major ones are: touch-swipe support, animated layers, carousel layouts, caching, breakpoints support, lazy loading of images, retina-enabled, full screen, gallery lightbox, and automatic updates!

    Besides that, it is also supported on WordPress multisite. The customer support is also amazing as noticed from the comments of some existing customers. Good enough for $28.

    Demo Download

  4. Cloud Slider

    Cloud Slider

    Cloud Slider is another cool WordPress plugin that allows you to add advanced slideshows to your site. Some of its notable features are touch-friendliness, smooth layered animation, 2d & 3d transitions, 18 easily customizable built-in skins, unlimited 2d & 3d carousels, ken-burns effect, video embedding and more.

    Demo Download

That wraps it up! Tell us which one of the above is your favorite, or feel free to recommend a plugin in comments. Hope you enjoyed the post.

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